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Alfredo alla scrofa Roma

In the heart of Rome, the Restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa welcomes you to its Rooms rich in history and tradition, with soft music and a setting that evokes images of bygone days.
In a unique atmosphere full of suggestions, that envelop anyone who comes into our restaurant; the guest experiences is trip back in time to discover the true taste of Italy, enjoying the authentic tradition, gastronomic research and a passionate study of the culture of wine.
A study that is the daily bread of every day, every night, for over a century, we share together with you.

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Rome / Overview

Rome has no equal in the world. Just one visit and you will be conquered forever.
History, human genius and the hot midday sun have conspired to make Rome one of the world’s most seductive and thrilling cities.

Artistic Grandeur

With an artistic heritage dating back to Etruscan times, Rome is one of the world's great art cities. Throughout history, it has played a starring role in the major upheavals of Western art and the results are there for all to see – amazing classical statues, stunning Renaissance frescoes, breathtaking baroque churches. Walk around the centre and even without trying you’ll come across masterpieces by the greats of the artistic pantheon – sculptures by Michelangelo, paintings by Caravaggio, frescoes by Raphael, fountains by Bernini. In Rome, art is not locked away from view, it's quite literally all around you.

Historical Legacies

For much of its history Rome has been at the centre of world events, first, as caput mundi (capital of the world), the fearsome hub of the Roman Empire, then for centuries as the seat of papal power. It was a city that counted and this is writ large on its historic streets - martial ruins recall ancient glories, stately palazzi evoke Renaissance intrigue, towering basilicas testify to artistic genius and papal ambition. Elsewhere, underground temples, buried houses and maddonelle (roadside shrines) tell of past lives and local beliefs.

Roman Feasting

A trip to Rome is as much about lapping up the lifestyle as it is gorging on art and historic sights. And there’s no better way of getting into the local spirit of things than by eating and drinking well. Food and wine are central to Roman social life and the hundreds of pizzerias, trattorias, restaurants and gelaterie that crowd the city centre do as much business catering to locals as to tourists and out-of-towners. Do as the Romans do, says the proverb, and there’s nothing more Roman than enjoying a tasty wood-fired pizza in a packed pizzeria or dining al fresco on a glorious city-centre piazza.

Rome Capital

But there's more to Rome than history, fine art and great food. Rome is Italy's capital and largest city, and while history reverberates all around, modern life is lived to the full. Rome is Italy's political and religious heartbeat and the twin presence of government and Church dominates the city. Many city-centre palazzi house government offices while over in the Vatican the dome of St Peter's Basilica serves to remind everyone of the pope’s presence. Political intrigue is thick in the air and as tourists tuck into their pasta politicians hunker down to hatch plots over spaghetti and wine.

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Alfredo's Gallery Brazil

Alfredo's Gallery arrives in Brazil, in the famous capital Curitiba!
In a short time the majestic, original and irresistible fettuccine Alfredo have crossed the borders to get a reputation in the international arena and become one of the masterpieces of world cuisine.

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  • Address: Rua Silveira Peixoto,765 - 80.240-120 - Batel - Curitiba - PR
  • Phone:+55 41.30.42-42.12
  • Email:
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Curitiba / Overview

While not necessarily sexy, Curitiba has long garnered praise for being one of the world's best models of urban planning. If it weren't for the bold initiatives of its three-term mayor, Jaime Lerner, whose daring moves in early 1970s – transforming a six-block length of the downtown into a pedestrian zone (done in secret under the cover of darkness), creating five express-bus avenues with futuristic tubular boarding platforms, encouraging recycling and sustainable design long before it was fashionable and planting trees and creating parks on an enormous scale – Curitiba would probably resemble any other Brazilian city. Instead, it's the envy of the urban planners the world over and Brazil's most efficient city.
Today, it's easier to get around Curitiba than any other large city in Brazil. The city has also taken innovative approaches to urban ills such as homelessness, pollution and poverty. Today, the city ensures a quality of life unparalleled in Brazil. With its abundant green spaces, sophisticated population and well-heeled infrastructure, Curitiba is not a bad spot to recharge your batteries and soak in Brazil at its functioning best.
Curitiba will be one of several host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Well prepared for the huge sporting event with plenty of accommodations, there's little doubt that its citizens will be using their international spotlight to boast their city's best attributes.

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Alfredo's Gallery - Kuwait

The good scents from the past.
In the heart of the shopping center "Avenue" in Kuwait, the Alfredo Gallery Restaurant welcomes you in his rooms full of history and tradition in a atmosphere that evokes images of bygone days.
An unique and full of suggestions ambience envelop anyone who comes into our restaurant, the guest experiences a trip back in time to discover the true taste of Italy, enjoying the authentic traditions, the result of ongoing gastronomic research and a passionate study of the culture of wine.

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Kuwait City / Overview

With its landmark triple towers looming over a clean and accessible corniche; a first-class aquarium and some excellent museums; stunning pieces of marine and land architecture; malls and souqs to please the most discerning or eclectic of shoppers; and a selection of restaurants to whet the appetite of the fussiest gourmands, Kuwait City is a sophisticated and interesting destination in its own right. Add to its sights and attractions a harrowing layer of modern history, the effects of which rumble invisibly below the surface, and there is enough to keep all but the dedicated nightclubber intrigued for days.

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